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5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room

 If you want to impress someone when you take them on a romantic date you’d probably struggle with thinking of original ideas. Everything seems like a cliché. But don’t worry Candy Room can help you because we know that there are two things that will never get out of fashion – the retro style and sweet things.

Here are our 5 Sweet Retro-Date suggestions for some great time:

1. Dance class

What’s more fun than some old school dances. Everyone loves music, especially with rhythm. You can try looking for swing, jazz or rock’n’roll dance classes in your area. What’s more electrifying than dancing “cheek to cheek” with your sweetheart.

5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room 1

2. Drive-in movies

5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room 3

Ah, the good old-fashioned drive-in. Believe it or not, it is really fun, especially when you watch an old horror movie, or a classical romance – anything to keep you close in each other’s arms. Don’t miss out our great offers on movie night – popcorn and our special Double movie night in menu (2 Freshly made hotdogs,1 Box of nachos with melted cheese, salsa and jalapeños and to top it all off, 2 bottles of American soda/ drinks). Enjoy!

3. Treat night

Speaking of food, we just can’t forget to mention that one law of love: The way to one’s heart is through his stomach. If you come to our shop, or order from our website, you can try to relive your childhood memories with our retro American sweets. Jelly beans, Ice cream, cotton candy and many many more. You can even make yourselves a tasting contest (i.e. one of you is blindfolded and tries to guess what the other is giving him to taste). It’s a lot of fun… and sweet!

5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room 5

4. Picnic

5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room 7

Nothing more romantic than going out at the nature and have a little picnic. Whether you’ve going to be lying by the bank of a river or sit at a park – it’s always relaxing and romantic. Especially if you bring one of those big picnic baskets – full of treats and a bottle of wine. Watching the sunset with some background music played from your phone could be a great finale.

5. Roller skating

If you’re the more adventurous type and just can’t stand still in one place – roller skating is a marvelous way to spend your date. What’s more retro aesthetical than roller skating with your sweetheart while holding cups of Slushy or Lemonade.

5 Sweet Retro-Date Ideas by Candy Room 9

In conclusion, opting for a retro date will surely help you impress your special person, since you can do many fun activities together. And don’t forget to check our shop for treats. Because Love Is Sweet!

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