For all your American sweets, soda, drinks, traditional and retro, pick’n’mix, novelty sweets, old fashioned jars, chocolate and more. Available to buy online or visit the Candy Room sweet shop in Hampshire



Best candy shop for miles, no matter what you fancy they have it! Absolute must visit.

Your shop is amazing!! Great prices, and you sell twinkies Xx

Old fashioned jars, pick'n'mix, novelty sweets, American, chocolate, gourmet jelly belly, sugar free sweets and slush puppy!!! We got it all.

Bought some awesome American peanut butter M&Ms and a packet of American Cheetos today. Thanks a lot!

Fantastic sweet shop, fantastic prices, huge selection, opening times are great for going to the cinema, range of sweets is great!!! Kids love it !! Staff very friendly!!