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How to throw a terrific American – themed party

Whether you’re making a birthday, an office or any kind of party, you might want to stand out and as a host and make all your guests have a great time. But how can you manage to go without the long awkward silence, the slowed-down-everyone’s-bored-moment, the possible conflicts, and so on… We can tell you how – with careful planning.

For a start, picking a theme gives your guests a sense of belonging, because you’re all doing something together as a group. And what is more iconic than American house parties! Luckily for you Candy Room can help you with ideas and food suggestions. So, let’s begin…

1. Decorations

You can decide to be even more specific with the theme – for example, choosing a certain state, region or historical era. You can make a Hollywood-golden-age party with a walk of fame and fancy dresses, or ‘travel’ to the Wild west with some cowboy costumes. However, the most classical thing is an American college like party. You can get American flags of chose decorations in blue, red and white.

How to throw a terrific American - themed party 1

2. The must-have plastic red cups

How to throw a terrific American - themed party 3

They’re essential at every American party. Usually called “Solo cups”, after the most popular brand. The history behind them is actually connected with TV the cinema. It’s because that with those cups, you can’t say whether teens in movies are actually drinking alcohol. To make your party even more authentic, you can order real retro American drinks like Calypso Iced tea, American soda, Jones root beer and so on. Go check our drinks section for an easier choice.

3. Ah, the fooood

The most important thing for a party, so you have to make it interesting. You can have popcorn in the flag colors, hot dogs, nachos, authentic American snacks like (Pringles, Cheetos, Rap) … and sweets! All kinds of candies, lollies, cookies and chocolate can make every party great. Arranging them in an aesthetic way can ease your guests. Plus, food is always a conversation starter at parties. So you can again take a look at our American sweets section and the Freshly Made in-store offerings. Enjoy!

How to throw a terrific American - themed party 5

4. Entertaining your guests

After you’ve introduced everyone and had some little talking, you can spice things up with some games. Kings, Never have I ever, Quarters, Truth or dare are all games they play at parties in America. The most popular and fun might be Charades – a word guessing game. The most important thing is to know when to end a game, so that it doesn’t get boring. You need to watch for your guests’ reactions.

5. Music

How to throw a terrific American - themed party 7

Very important for the atmosphere of the party. Also, it can become part of the entertainment if you make a karaoke or dance competition with iconic dance moves from the movies. You can look up American party playlists on the internet, they always work.

With the right preparation and a positive attitude as a host, your guests having a great time is guaranteed.

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