Warheads all mixed up 141g


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The perfect mix of shapes and flavours is here. Warheads have been putting out one of the best sour candy ever, but All Mixed Up is a nice change of taste for lovers of sweeter candy. The sourness is still there, however those pieces of delight are much more on the sweeter side. Chewy Cubes, Sour Worms, Watermelon Slices and Chewy Wallies, will entertain you will all different flavours:

– Lemon

– Watermelon

– Strawberry

– Orange

– Green Apple

– Black Cherry

– Blue Raspberry

Get ready for a party, because all of that is fit in a 141g pack of delight and ready to be shared around with your buddies. Pool parties or movie night – fill your bowls and stuff yourself full with those goodies. They are stylish, colourful and very entertaining to kids as well. Warheads All Mixed Up are among the best American sweets that we offer.