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The ultimate Birthday planner (free print)

Planning a party can be very stressful and often takes a lot of effort. But usually all that stress comes from disorganized preparation at the last second possible. Lucky for you, planning can be also very fun, especially if you have some help. This is why we will offer you a bunch of tips for each step of planning a party and a printable Birthday planner, which will help you put your thoughts in order. So, here we go:

1. Pick a theme

Picking a theme makes a party much more special and interesting. True, it requires a bit more preparation, but it’s definitely worth it. You can set a dress code, even a simple one like “wear the birthday boy/girl’s favourite colour”. This always makes things much more exciting, and it also looks better on group photos.

2. Date, time, venue

Let everybody know when and where your party is going to be. It’s important to tell your guests all this info as soon as possible, so that they can plan their time. Keep in mind that people are usually a bit late for a party, so you can set the time for a bit earlier than actually expected.

The ultimate Birthday planner (free print) 1

3. Invitations and party favors

Invitation cards are appropriate for either a more official event, or for a child’s party, while party favors are more usual for adult birthdays. You can fill a basket with the party favors and leave it by the door, so the guests can take some on their way out. All kinds of sweets would do the job, and if it’s an adult party, you might leave them little bottles of alcohol, to take the party mood home.

4. Menu

Careful preparation will save you a lot of stress and the chance of forgetting anything will be much smaller. With our printable planner, you will know exactly what you need. What is more, you can find all the treats and drinks you need on our website, especially at our Birthday party section. Sweet, right?

The ultimate Birthday planner (free print) 3

5. Games and activities

A little fun never killed nobody. This is why you might want to be prepared with something to break the ice. Because, believe us, at every party there is this awkward moment at the beginning, and we want to minimize it. So introduction games like Never have I ever or Two truths and a lie might do the work. But if you want to make it more interesting you can give each guest some challenges to do throughout the party without the others knowing what they are. This will make everyone go out of their comfort zones and goof around.

6. Decorations

Another essential part for a party preparation. Neglecting decoration might lead to not so festive atmosphere, and atmosphere is key for a good time. If it’s a themed party, then you can come up with authentic designs. Always remember to keep things simple. For example, use three colors for all the decoration – napkins, plates, cups and posters. Two main colors and one for accents. It will make the place a lot more pleasant and fancy. Don’t forget the music – as it is one of the main components of building a party atmosphere.

The ultimate Birthday planner (free print) 5

7. Goodie bags

If it is a child’s birthday party, then it’s a must that the guests don’t leave empty-handed. For the little ones it’s important to keep something in order to remind them of the event. You can fill and offer them a goodie bag with all kinds of little treats and candy. You can check our novelty section for interesting suggestions combining toys and sweets.

We hope our advices have been of help. Here is the promised Birthday planner, which will make the preparation much more fun and easy. Have a great party!

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