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The Top 30 “Pick’n’Mix” Chart

You love them, you enjoy their different colors and forms. But have you ever wondered what the most popular choices of our favorite Pick’n’mix candy are? Which are the least desirable and which are the top ones? Not that there is a bad candy, but you might want to make the best choice, and fortunately there’s a new survey about the nation’s most favorite candy. Get ready to see the ultimate list of the Top 30 Pick’n’mix joy-givers.

So, there we go:

30. Jelly rings
I said “yes”!
29. Jelly snakes
Always a great choice.
28. Cherries
So colourful and delicious.
27. Blue jelly dolphins
Blue like the ocean.
26. Lemon sherber
When life gives you lemons…
25. Jelly bones
24. Brown gems (aka jazzies)
For the chocolate addicts.
23. Strawberry pencils
Okay, these are just marvellous!
22. Apple pencils
An apple a day keeps bad emotions away.
21. Fizzy blue bottles
The “just-one-more” type.
We’re getting there. Have you seen your favourite ones yet?
20. Gobstoppers
Little sweet things.
19. Foam teeth
Most fun and very delicious to eat.
18. Refreshers chew
You do feel refreshed after chewing one of them.
17. Candy necklace
The ultimate childhood dream.
16. Strawberry bonbons
The cutest!
15. Blackberries and raspberries
Black and red – for every aesthete.
14. Sour belts
So many of them!
13. Strawberry laces
They can tie you up with sweetness.
12. Watermelon slice
That “watermelon sugar” everyone’s talking about.
11. Jelly crocodiles
Just taste that soft underbelly.
And finally, the most interesting part - Top 10
One more time it was proved that the all-time-classics are the most preferred ones.
10. Gummy bears
Roar, I’ll eat all of them
9. Cola bottles
A true classic.
8. Fizzy cola bottles
Even better.
7. Sour dummies
You’re never too old for those.
6. Milk chocolate gems
5. Sour cherries
You need to take the sourness with sweetness – because it’s delicious!
4. Lips
Sweet like a kiss…
3. Fizzy bubble-gum bottles
Perfect balance doesn’t exi…
2. Flying saucers
For maximum “Pick’N’Mix” enjoyment.
And the Best choice award goes to…
1. Eggs
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