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The Perfect Family Movie Night

With the upcoming holidays in mind, you might want to gather around with your loved ones and do something together indoors. There’s nothing better than huddling with your children to watch a movie, while the weather is getting colder and colder. But how can you make the night more special? Here are CandyRoom’s tips on how to hold the perfect family movie night.

Make tickets for the projection beforehand

Every event is more special, if it was anticipated. So set the time for the evening a few days in advance, so that everyone is present (especially necessary thing to do if you have teens).

You can print out some tickets and give them out to everyone. When it’s time for the movie night, they should bring their tickets for you to check them. It’s very fun and immersive.

The Perfect Family Movie Night 1

Make a movie theatre concession stand

The Perfect Family Movie Night 3

Movies are the main event, but food is essential for setting the tone for a delightful and memorable experience.

All you need is a little table, filled with the best candy they use in real theatres. Whoppers, Goobers, M&Ms, Milk Duds, you name it. You can find an exquisite amount of choice on our website. To make things easier for you, we even offer special boxes and surprise bags with different combinations.

Make a pillow fort

They’re always very warm and comfortable, and the little ones usually get very excited to have one. Even better if they help you make it. Gather all the pillows and blankets from your household, maybe some Christmas lights as well, and make the most of the night.

The Perfect Family Movie Night 5


The Perfect Family Movie Night 7

An absolute must-have for every film projection. You can buy different colors and flavors, and place it next to the concession stand. You can find a wide variety on our website, plus, the iconic carton boxes they use in real movie theatres. Also, don’t forget to check you freshly made in store section, you won’t be disappointed.

And, of course, the movies…

The choice of a movie is a decision not to be underrated. How to pick a movie that everyone would enjoy? You need the perfect combination of comedy and drama, because it’s good to have a moral of the story in the end. Of course you can always re-watch The Lion King, but we can help you with some suggestions:

Moonrise Кingdom
Тhere’s no other film director who can depict childhood like Wes Anderson. This sweet coming-of-age comedy-drama will keep you fascinated throughout the film.
Ready Player One
Every year, due to the development of technology, we’re getting closer to the reality of that movie. However, it will make you not forget how important life outside video games is.
A very appropriate animation about friendship, to keep you warm, when the whether is cold outside.
Isle of Dogs
One more gem by Wes Anderson, this time a brilliant stop motion animation about the love between a boy and his dog.
The Lorax
If you ever wondered how you can give your kids an interesting and fun ecological lesson – that’s the best way to do it.
Horton Hears a Who!
This movie, apart from being very imaginative, will teach your children that everyone matters and can change the world, even if they’re little.
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   These were our tips on how to prepare the perfect family movie night. We hope that they were useful, and that you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

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