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Subscription Box – X Large

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Candy is just so hard to resist, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Which treats should you go with today? What about tomorrow? So many questions and such a giant selection to choose from. We could definitely help you with that!

Our X Large Subscription Box is the perfect solution for every insatiable candy lover. A little bit of mystery and a large amount of popular sweets, all prepared and hand-selected by our professionals, will offer you the perfect opportunity to spend more time munching and less time searching…at least for a bit. This subscription plan comes in 4 variations:

1. All American

Load your candy stash up to the brim with famous candy brands from across the pond. Feast on a selection of over 21 favourite American goodies to chew, munch, twist and drink with our All American X Large plan.

Every box will contain two large drinks, from favourite brands such as AriZona, to quench your thirst, while the rest of of the box will be over 19 items-strong selection of other varying American treats, among which you will find renown brands like Jolly Rancher, Warheads, Resse’s, Hershey’s and muuuuuuch more.

Whether you are a fan of American sweets already or you are just starting your journey into this type of candy delight and you want to explore, our All American box will offer you the right amount of diversity and mystery, along with lots of tasiness. 

2. Pick n Mix- 3 Kilos

Pick’n’mix shower sounds great and 3 kilograms of them is a fantastic start to this dream. Celebrate with or without an occasion and dive into the sweet world of our pick’n’mix section. Jelly, fizzy, gummy, chocolatey and other pieces of delight, for every party bowl. There is a bit of everything and for any taste in this giant box of sweetness, coming in the perfect explosion of colours.

There are so many pick’n’mix goodies in our selection, that getting to try all of them can be a challenge, so let us handle the mix for you. This Pick’n’mix subscription box is the perfect way for you to find new favourites and re-visit old ones, without having to spend a ton of time searching and ordering for the perfect combinations.

Jelly bones, cola bottles, chocolate hearts, gummy bears and twisty worms, are just a few of the many goodies that you can expect in your sweet pick’n’mix subscription box. Save over £5 and let us work our magic, for the perfect pick’n’mix experience.

3. English and American Mixed

This X Large subscription box will offer the perfect number of and quality treats for the ultimate showdown between English and American sweets. Or maybe a tasty harmony between the two? Whichever the case is, each English and American Mixed mothly box will hold over 21 of the best sweets for you to enjoy, with amazing brands like Mike and Ike, Cadbury, Walker’s, Sour Patch and more, being part of that collection.

Sweet, sour, spicy and more – any type of popular English and American goodies can end up in your giant monthly subscription box and at a great price too. If you find yourself going through our shop, in search of American and English fan favourite treats, this bundle is the perfect way to save on time and money, while leaving more of it to enjoy candy and surprises.

4. Traditional and Retro Mixed

Whether you are feeling nostalgic or you want to check out what the fuss is about, the Traditional and Retro Mixed large subscription box is one of the best ways to catch up on classic treats. Drumsticks, lollipops and various pick’n’mix goodies will have a chance to make their way into your large subscription box and 2 kilograms of them in total, at that.

Now, that’s plenty of fun on it’s own, but each box is also guaranteed to contain 2 traditional bars, to make your experience even sweeter. Feast on the Traditional and Retro best-sellers in our selection and relive the good old days over again and with a wide variety of goodies, loved by many throughout the generations.

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