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Subscription Box – Small

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These small subscription boxes are filled with various goodies, which will let you have a glimpse of what its larger variations have to offer. If you’re looking for great, popular treats, but also want to have a try of something different, while not having to search through our vast candy sections, this subscription box will be a great choice for you.

Great price, dedicated candy experts and a ton of goodies wanting to be explored by you, await within each of these bundles. What can you expect in each box? So far we have four different plans and here is what each of them has to offer:

All American-This box will include 8-11 items (Not including a drink)

Turtles, Laffy Taffy and Kool-Aid are just a few of the brands that make an appearance in each of our All American subscription boxes. All manner of American delight, both for newcomers and hardened candy lovers to this type will entertain your taste buds.

Each All American subscription box will contain 8 items at minimum and 11 at maximum, so you will have plenty of chances to find a new favourite. Once you fall in love with this pack, you could also check out its bigger variations, where you can also find drinks, which unfortunately are not present here. It’s a great way to begin your journey into the American candy delight!

Pick n Mix- 1 Kilo

We understand that pick’n’mix goodies never go out of fashion and there is simply so much sweetness to be explored there. Each of our small pick’n’mix subscription boxes, will contain 1 kilogram of professionally selected treats from that category. Jelly Worms, various bonbons and pebbles candy, will all be possible candidates for a mouth-watering experience.

If you are already into pick’n’mix, you could give a check at our bigger subscription boxes, where you can get even more munch for your buck. Otherwise, if you are just getting into them and you want to explore first or you are worried that you will not be able to stop yourself from overeating with those goodies, this subscription plan is perfect for you!

English and American Mixed- 8-11 items

Please your sweet tooth, with our small English and American Mixed box. Two of the best options for every candy lover will offer you a ton of unforgettable moments, with favourite brands like Twizzlers, Snickers and Airheads. Gummies, bars, various hard candy – they all have a chance to make it into your box.

Our small English and American Mixed box, is a cost-efficient offer with a hint of mystery, that might pleasantly surprise you with a treat you have never tried before. Each of our small boxes contains from 8 to 11 items, so if you are looking for a bigger package, with more chances to be surprised with a  great treat you never tried before, you should check out our larger box options.

Traditional and Retro Mixed- 800g

This box is a good place to start your journey, by  tasting goodies which you parents and grandparents have told you about. Or maybe you are already familiar and a fan of them? Each of our small Traditional and Retro Mixed subscription boxes, contains 800 grams of nostalgia, by our long-time experts.Sherbet goodies, cherry lips and Refreshers – any of these treats can make it in your box.

Create new sweet memories or relive ones with great retro and traditional treats you’ve had, before. We will check our selection to fix you a good mix of them. Now, retro delight is always amazing and if you ever feel like 800 grams are no longer enough, you should also give our  bigger subscription box options, a look.