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Subscription Box – Large

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Our large subscription boxes hold a lot of sweetness and surprises for any candy enthusiast. Stylish look of the box and amazing price are the other side of the store. We will aid you in your exploration of the sweet world that is our shop, with these four themes large box subscription plans:

All American

Get ready for an American party, with our large All American Box. If you want a fun and tasty way of exploring our American goodies, this box of delight, can be just what you need.

Each large box will come with 16-20 different goodies, among which you will also find a large drink. Butterfinger, Reese’s and Lemonhead are just a few of the possible fantastic brands you might find in each All American large box. Great price and a bit of mystery – delight for every person with a sweet tooth. Which goodies will delight you this month?

Pick n Mix- 2 kilos and a 300g bag of our best sellers of the month

Birthday party? A wedding? Simply looking for something to munch on through the month? Our large pick’n’mix box is perfect for any scenario. Each box will come with 2 kilograms of pick’n’mix treats such as vanilla fudge, gummy bananas and chocolate raisins, all selected and mixed up by our professionals.

In addition to that, we will add 300 grams of our best sellers of the month, so you will always have a mix of the most popular goodies as well. A bit of mystery, a lot of sweetness and one of the best prices around.

English and American Mixed

Get your hands on some of the best items in our English and American selection. We will fill your English and American Mixed box with 16 to 20 items, selected with care from our vast catalogue of candy delight.

A bit of sourness with our Toxic Waste arsenal or maybe some crunchy sweetness with our Nerds collection – or why not both?  Jellies, gummies, bars, sprays and all manner of other mouth-watering treats – we have them all and will make sure to fix a well balanced American and English mix of them for you. Will you find your favourites inside or will you stumble upon and create new ones?

Traditional and Retro Mixed

For a bit of a throwback, we have the perfect set of candies and we would like to share them with you. With our Traditional and Retro Mixed large box, you will be able to experience one of the best candies that paved the way for confections of today.

One kilogram of traditional and retro sweets will make it into every box, making for the best reason together family and friends together to munch. If you are concerned with the fan-favourites of the month, we will be adding 500 grams of them as well to your box. But that’s not all – we will add to the sweetness of a traditional bar as well!