Reusable Ice Cups Slushy Jack’s

Please specify in delivery note which flavour or mix of flavours you would like: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry or Sour Apple.


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Slushies can be a source of life when the thermometers are breaking from the heat, but even in a different condition, many would not say no to some sugar surge. Our Large Bone Slush Puppie is going to offer you exactly that. A large refillable bottle brimming with sweet icy treats is great for any occasion and company. Pick from three amazing Slush Puppie flavours:

– Strawberry

– Blue Raspberry

– Sour Apple

– A mix between any of the mentioned ones

Slush Puppie have been around for a while and for a great reason. They are among the best in the slushy business and we are more than happy to bring them to you as well. Gather your friends and family – get them to join the party.

Let us know about your flavour preference in your order details.