Jelly Belly Apple Pie 100g


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Apple Pie is a worrying development for anyone suffering from Jelly Belly apple mania.  Any attempt to control, let alone reduce your jelly bean consumption will take a massive knock with this flavour. It just isn’t reasonable to expect bean discipline in the face of such deliciousness. The combination of tangy fresh apple laced with delicate cinnamon and a pie crust that literally crumbles into your taste buds is frankly heart breaking. So take yourself in hand. Create a little box in your flavour imagination, put a lock on it and only open in times of extreme distress. If this is your favourite flavour, you either have an iron will or should be working on acquiring one.


Jelly Belly The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean™ are made using only natural finest ingredients with true to life flavours.

All Jelly Belly are:
Suitable for Vegetarians
Alcohol Free
Dairy Free
Fat Free
Gelatine Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free (no peanuts since 2009)
Jelly Belly Kosher Certified in 2007

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