Jelly Beans Watermelon 100g


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Perfect for hot summer days and picnics. Failing that, watermelons are great on a cold wet day when you have to stay in. Or a busy day when you can’t stop to think, let alone worry about the weather. Pretty well any day is Jelly Belly Watermelon day, let’s face it. If Watermelon is your favourite jelly bean flavour you are probably, just like the fruit itself: green on the outside and red in the centre. This means you could be a socialist gardener or naive and bad tempered. Either way, you constantly amaze your friends with the depth of your intelligence.

Jelly Belly The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean™ are made using only natural finest ingredients with true to life flavours.

All Jelly Belly are:
Suitable for Vegetarians
Alcohol Free
Dairy Free
Fat Free
Gelatine Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free (no peanuts since 2009)
Jelly Belly Kosher Certified in 2007

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