Hershey’s Swiss Roll – 2 count per pack 2.8oz

Bite into the deliciousness of Mrs. Freshley’s Hershey’s Swiss Roll. They’ve put a spin on a household favorite. This swiss roll is a double chocolate crème filled made with Hershey’s cocoa


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Mrs. Freshley’s Hershey’s Swiss Roll is a shortcut to paradise. A fantastic roll filled with chocolate cream, extremely soft and it comes even in a pair. Sounds like a bargain doesn’t it? There is wrong way to devour this sweet – as long as you love swiss rolls brimming with chocolate, we bet your taste buds would not mind.

Whether you will munch on your own or share with a friend is entirely up to you. Make sure there is nobody around if you choose the former. That or either you can eat while running. Mrs. Freshley’s Hershey’s Swiss Roll can be a treasure for any person with a sweet tooth.