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Delicious facts from the world of candy

We all know that kids usually ask their parents a lot of questions – around 300 a day to be more precise (according to a survey by online retailer Littlewoods.com). It’s good never to lose that curiosity and keep learning even when we’re grown up. That’s why we will enlighten and entertain you with some amusing facts from the world of … candy. Enjoy our delicious selection.  

Fairy Floss

The machine-spun cotton candy we love so much was invented by the… DENTIST William Morrison and the confectioner John C. Wharton. It was first introduced under the beautiful name “Fairy floss”.

Delicious facts from the world of candy 1

The M&Ms of the war

During WWII, M&Ms were sold to the U.S. military in great quantities. That was because the candies were heat-resistant and easy to transport, making them perfect for the American soldier’s rations.

One for all

3 MUSKETEERS, candy bar used to have three even pieces of candy flavours in it – strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. That’s where the “3” comes from.

Baby or Babe

Baby Ruth didn’t actually get its name because of the baseball star player Babe Ruth. The owner of the company claimed that the candy was named this way in order to honour President Grover Cleveland’s deceased daughter, Ruth.


Almost round

The “Duds”, in the name of the candy Milk Duds, comes from the original idea of their creators the candy to have a perfectly round shape. However, the machines weren’t that advanced at the time and couldn’t quite accomplish that goal.


A legend has it that candy canes were originally created to make kids’ mouths full and therefore keep them quiet during Church services.

Delicious facts from the world of candy 3
Delicious facts from the world of candy 5

Of Horses and Candy

Snickers, manufactured by Mars Incorporated, were named after none other but the Mars family horse.


Another very popular piece of candy – the lollipop, got its name again after its inventor’s favourite racing horse – Lolly Pop.

Don’t be an egg-oist

Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the USA due to the risk of chocking. However, ever since the ban first took place, back in 2011, travelers carrying more than 160 000 in total of the chocolate eggs, have been unpleasantly detected while entering the country.

Delicious facts from the world of candy 7
Delicious facts from the world of candy 9

A mysterious creator

Skittles is one of the biggest candy brands worldwide, with around 200 million pieces of candy produced each day. However, no one is yet sure who their inventor was. Skittles started being produced commercially in 1974 by the Mars Candy Company, but even today the name of their creator is shrouded in mystery.

Good for you

If you eat dark chocolate while working, it can help improve concentration, boost your memory and reduce your stress levels.

A cosmic taste

M&Ms were the first candy to rocket into space in 1981. The exact same reasons that made them perfect for the soldiers during WWII, applied to space travel.

Just like that amazing quote from Forrest Gump says: “Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Life is full of fascinating stories, including in the big candy industry. We hope our facts have been interesting for you. And remember that you can always take a bite of candy history in our shop.

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