All-American Mystery bag for 2

Our best-selling USA imported products in a mystery bag for two people.

2 x calypso drinks, massive chare bag of American chips/curls, theatre box, American cakes/twinkies, chews/Laffy taffy. (items may vary)

Ideal for a date night or movie night

Order multiple to create a party pack!



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Do you love American sweets and drinks? How about a bag full of them? If you love mysteries too, this offer might be just the thing you need. Beverages, chips and candy all in one place, but with a little bit of a mystery to it, just for you and a significant person. Here is what you can find in our All-American Mystery bag for 2:

– A massive share bag of American chips, curls or Pringles

– A theatre box filled with one of three options – chocolate, candy or sweets

– 2 American beverages

– 2 cakes or Twinkies

– 2 chews or Laffy-taffy.

 Movies, video games, board games – great snacks and drinks for pretty much every occasion and plenty of them for its duration. Make this night all about the two of you. Kickback, relax and enjoy a sweeter experience with our All-American Mystery bag for 2.