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14 Sweet Valentine’s day ideas for a stay-at-home date

   With Valentine’s day fast approaching, as any dedicated partner would do, you are probably looking into options, which would allow you to have the best of time with your other half during the holiday. Everything seems banal, overused or just boring. Maybe you need some fresh ideas, because there are so many more things you can do on a date at home. Let us be your wingmen and save your date.

1. Start the day with brunch

Brunch is one of the most romantic options – not too early for the usual work-day breakfast, nor too late that you have the feeling that you slept through the whole day. And what’s better than having it in the bed? Pancakes or waffles with syrup or chocolate are the most popular choice, but you can have a French breakfast with a croissant and your favourite coffee. The decoration is also very essential – a flower in a vase, beautiful napkins and never forget – additional treats like candy lips, chocolates and brownies can melt the heart of literally everyone.


2. Treasure hunt

If your significant other is the more curious and adventurous type, you’d probably want to impress them with a date they’d never forget… in a good way. Well, a treasure hunt definitely is something that would impress them – it is a simple way of showing your investment into the relationship and that you care, which will surely move them. And it is really not that hard to set it up – you need to make clues on cards which would take them to the next step. You can remind them of things you did together or things you love about them and with every clue you can add a piece of sweetness for them to find. Example: “You were very sweet when you did that (insert a special memory here), so here is something sweet from me, next clue is…”, etc.

3. Cook something you usually wouldn’t dare to


Why not try remaking your favourite meal together, or something you always wanted to taste, but have only watched on television. Why not some gourmet, or sushi, or something sweet. The point is it to be something very advanced, which would be tougher to prepare, getting you to work together and bond further. Even if it is a failure you would still have fun doing it. If you want to avoid that unifying “failure”, you could try making a simple cake and then decorate it very exquisitely with all kinds of your favourite candy.

4. Slow dance evening

What’s better than a good old romantic movie-like date with red wine, candles and dancing to slow romantic tunes – a perfect evening for getting to know each other on a deeper level. It’s also a great practice, for the next time you will be attending a formal event, like a wedding or a prom, together.


5. Craft something together

craft something

The act of creating something with someone you love is so precious, and it shows a high degree of dedication. You can spend all day with such a date and not notice how the time goes by, you’d also feel really relaxed after it, and you’ll have a material memory of the date.

6. Board game night

Who doesn’t love some challenge? And to keep the things interesting, you can make the stakes higher by agreeing on the losing side to grant one wish of the winning side. There are a multitude of great games, which would let you work together too, while others can spice things up. You can add little treats as an award as well.

7. Romantic movie marathon

Time to cuddle up under a fluffy blanket, get a big bag of popcorn and watch your favourite romantic comedies. Maybe you haven’t watched “When Harry met Sally”, “Pretty woman”, “You’ve got mail” for ages, or you can go for some pure comedy like “My big fat Greek wedding” – everything is a fine choice when you’re with the one you love.

14 Sweet Valentine’s day ideas for a stay-at-home date 1

8. Online class

online class

Learning new things together is essential for keeping the relationship fresh. There are all kinds of classes and courses online – the most popular choice for a date is usually a mixology class for cocktails, cooking classes, or art classes. Go check around the Internet for something interesting to you and you both would like to try.

9. Spa day – at home

Maybe this week has been a little tough on both of you and you want to take it slow. If so there’s nothing better than using that day as a relaxation day. Buy some nice-smelling masks, soaps and oils, spread around rose petals and light the scented candles – so peaceful. Also, giving each other’s massages can be really fun.


10. Recreate your first date

Take a trip down memory lane and recreate that special day at home. Even if you can’t go out and visit the same or similar place, you could still recreate the atmosphere of your first date at home. Grab some of the food you ate; remind yourself of a song you might have heard and prepare it; fire off with a phrase that has emotional value to both of you.

11. Make a song together


Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound that well, the point is to have fun. You can write it together – it can be a romantic song about your relationship or a rap song about love.

If you don’t have musical instruments, you can literally use any object that makes sound around the house, record it and use it as sound for the song. It, being “your” song, will surely make this a day to remember.

12. Unpopular opinion: a gratitude letter is much more romantic than a basic Valentine’s day card

Making our other half feel appreciated is very important for a lasting relationship. Sometimes all a person needs to hear is that their actions are taken into account and are appreciated. While a Valentine’s day card is relatively close in nature, a gratitude letter can create a much deeper and impactful impression.

Still a Valentine’s day romantic card is a very valid way to show your appreciation, so in case you decide, you can find sweet little valentine cards on our Instagram to forward to your loved one.


13. Themed date

Why not set up your home in the spirit of your favourite romantic book or a movie scene? We all have watched and read stuff that make us say: “Oh, I want to experience that too”. Same as your first date, make sure to capture all the elements that caught your attention and made you love that scene. Recreate them, as best as you can, hire costumes if you need, grab some great snacks and enjoy a great evening together. Most scenes aren’t that hard to recreate.

14. Just order in

order food

If you’ve had a busy day, the easiest solution is just to order something nice and have a pleasant dinner. There is nothing wrong with wanting to kickback and relax with your significant other. Drop the aprons and the kitchenware, enjoy each other’s company and let someone else prepare the goodies for you.

As you can see, there is still pretty much you can do on Valentine’s day and make that day memorable and fun for both of you. We hope our suggestions have been useful and have inspired you to have a sweet and lovely day.

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