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10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown

Do you feel like your kid is getting very bored during lockdown? At first sight it really seems like there is not much to do, but you can use the time to bond with your child and to boost your creativity. These are CandyRoom‘s suggestions for great time at home.

1. Scavenger hunt

This simple, yet very fun game, is always a good way to improve your child’s day. It can be played at home or in the yard and is great for warming up your child’s “creative muscles”. All you’ll need is to make a list of objects your kid has to find. It can be specific like “find keys”, or more open for interpretation like “find something that floats”, “find something blue”…

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 1

2. Homemade piñata

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 3

What is more festive than a piñata. Children always brighten up when there’s one at a party. And it is even more fun if they help you make it first. Papier Mache piñatas are very easy – all you need is glue, water, newspapers, tissue paper, a balloon and… of course – candy. You can always find your favorite sweets at our shop.

3. Slime

Another creative crafting activity is making slime. It became very popular with kids this year, because of the many tutorials on the Internet. Kids always get very excited to try things they saw on the web. And, lucky for you, slime is very quick to make.


  • 8-ounce bottle white school glue
  • 1 1/2 – 2 Tablespoons contact saline solution, more as needed
  • 1 Tablespoon baking soda
  • Food coloring – make it colorful

4. Drive in movie (make a car)

Who said that drive-in movies can be watched only outside. You can make a car from a big carton box, and your kid can help painting it. Put a cushion for a seat, play their favorite movie on the TV, and there you go. All that’s left is a drive-in food. You can find a very authentic movie night-in menu  and popcorn on our webpage. Delivery’s within an hour.

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 5

5. Video games

The good old-fashioned websites for online games is always an option. Even better that now there are many multiplayer games, so the whole family can play.

6. Gingerbread house

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 7

Kids are always hungry, so baking is a great activity in which they can help. And the good old traditional gingerbread house is the best choice, having the upcoming holidays in mind. You can do the house’s base and your kid can do the decoration. All kinds of jelly beans and Pick’N’Mix candy are great to make your house more colorful, as delicious!

7. Parkour around the house

For the little adventurers. Your own home can turn into a pit of floating sands, lava or a jungle. Everything is possible for the young ones’ imagination. All you need to do is make some “obstacles” or put cushions and chairs around the room, so that your child can walk without stepping on the floor.

8. Boarding games night

Great way for the whole family to bond. Even better if they’re educational, so that everyone from your household can develop while playing. A family which studies together, has a better connection.

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 9

9. Surprise present

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 11

The easiest way to cheer up your kids is just to surprise them with a gift. That’s a quite comfortable decision, especially if you’re busy working from home. You can order our Kids Traditional and Novelty Sweet Surprise Bag for only £2.00.

10. TikTok challenges

Let’s face it – kids spend more time watching videos than with us, especially if they’re between the age 8-14, so we can try to be part of their world instead of making them see us as someone who’s only in the way. You can try to make one of the millions of challenges with your kids. Whether it’s going to be a make-up, transformation or a dance challenge, you will find yourself having fun while bonding with your child.

10 Ways to cheer-up your child while in lockdown 13

These were CandyRoom’s 10 suggestions to help you bond with and entertain your child during a lockdown. Hope you enjoyed them!

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