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10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan

    If you are reading this, you probably at some point had a hard time finding sweets that do not contain dairy products, gelatin, shellac and carmine (which are all obtained from animals). The thing is that you don’t need to go to special Bio stores to buy sweets, suitable for vegans. Such products have always been right under your nose – in every candy section in stores. Popular bands like Jelly Belly, Jolly Rancher, SweeTARTS, Nerds, Gobstopper, Skittles, and Tic Tac candies all use vegan ingredients for their magnificent sweets.

   Here is our list of 10 brands, you might not have known, that they offer vegan candy.

1. Twizzlers

Whether you choose classic strawberry, strawberry smoothie or the caramel apple filled twists, you can be sure that they are a vegan-friendly product.

2. Jolly rancher

All their lovely products are safe for vegans. Great, right? Interesting fact – those candies have been around since 1949! And they have 17 flavors – that’s quite a lot.

3. Drumsticks

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 1
Every 90s UK kid will be familiar with those absolute hits from the world of confectionary. And good news everyone – they’re vegan as well!

4. Swedish fish

All-time favorite sweets for every kid. The wrapper calls them "a fat free food", and they are gluten-free. The amazing fish-shaped, chewy candy are also vegan.

5. Nerds

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 3
They are not the strictest vegan product, as in different flavors some added colors might not be 100% artificial. However, you might be okay with the cherry and melon box, since it doesn’t contain carmine.

6. Dots

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 5
Surprisingly, unlike other gummy candies, Dots don’t have gelatin in its ingredients list. What is more, all of the ingredients written on their website are plant-based. Yay!

7. Sour patch kids

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 7
Another candy that does not contain gelatin. Did you know that they were originally called Mars Men and it wasn’t until they were exported to the United States from Canada that they decided to change the name? Apparently American customers weren’t that hyped about aliens.

8. Hubba bubba

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 9
Apart from their only flavor that is not vegan - Bubble Blast Gum (Original) flavor, Hubba bubba is also safe for vegans. So don’t be afraid to revisit the favorite flavors from your childhood.

9. Nomo chocolate

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 11
These wonderful chocolate bars are 100% vegan – free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. And they’re amazingly delicious!

10. Skittles

10 Candies you probably didn’t know were vegan 13
They have been making people happy for around 4 decades already. Up until recently some of their flavors were not vegan-friendly, but that has changed. The original Skittles flavors are now all indeed good for vegans. But still, as newer tastes appear, you should keep an eye out for the ingredients list on the package.

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